1 Min video challenge

Wohoo I did it!! Your turn now.

1 minute videos - What kind of challenge would support you in becoming who you want to be this year?

In January 2021, I sat down and thought of what are the skills that I wanted to grow this year, and who I wanted to become. I created a challenge for myself for the next 30 days as a result.
And it worked! And still in progress. Below are a few steps I took and my journey and experience. What would be your “Woohoo I did it!” next month or at the end of this year? (hit reply if you like and let me know!)

So what is the process?

  • I asked myself, “What is one of the skills that I want to improve this year?” Public speaking was my answer. (What is yours? Hit reply and let me know, or just pause and answer it for yourself)
  • And what is the smallest step that I can start taking to make that reality? Restarting my 1-Minute Video Challenge 🙂 (What would be the smallest step for you in the area that you want to grow in?)

It’s been almost a month since I started, and even though I did get sick in the middle and had to take a break for a few days, I am back on track, and even pre-recorded videos – currently recorded, edited, and scheduled to be released up to March 2nd, which exceeds the 30-day minimum I gave myself. Woohoo!!! 

I still have a long way to go and lots of room to grow as a speaker, but got already booked for 3 speaking opportunities – and did them already – and it’s only February! 

That’s the power of setting an intention and taking small, consistent steps. Even when we fail and fall (I did in less than 30 days!), not giving up, dusting ourselves off, and taking another step (or rest till we can move again) is one of the keys to success.

My Fears & Mindset

I start small, and I am currently transitioning from mostly working with startup businesses to being hired by female executives to support them in improving their performance and emotional resilience.

Do I wish I were further ahead?

  • You bet!

Do I feel embarrassed at times when putting myself out there?

  • YES! Especially as more of an introvert, I would be totally happy not being seen by anyone, and not being in the spotlight. Yet, my passion for meaningful contribution to others and growth is stronger than my fear of failure or embarrassing myself. I failed many many times, last year was a very humbling year for me, yet the passion I have for becoming the person that I want to be (no matter how many falls, embarrassing or humiliating moments) is stronger. 

Who do you want to become this year? What mini-steps does your future self want you to take to become that person?

Next Steps

  • What’s in it for me? Define minimum WIN. The last step in the process of setting an intention for this year would be defining what is the minimum win. For me, it was practicing and improving my speaking skills. That was it. Something, that I can control, and it is not depending on other people. What would be a mini-win for you? That you can fully control? 
  • Bonus win: You can also add a “bonus win” to your intention setting. Mine was to empower and inspire at least ONE person (see how small I start?). I had no idea if anyone would even watch my videos. Or be even inspired. It would be nice but – I cannot control that. If you like my video or not, get inspired or annoyed, that’s totally your business and you have the right to any reaction. I got some negative feedback in the past as well, so checking off that box too!
  • Be open to wonderful surprises: One of my subscribers to my YouTube channel that I have never met and honestly I am not sure how she found my YouTube channel, left a surprise message for me under one of my videos. It touched my heart. Messages like these give me the energy to get back to work and continue, put myself out there and risk humiliation, failure, and crickets when I put something out… Knowing that what I share makes a difference is priceless. 
  • Share your voice and make a difference. You never know how your positive comment or sharing your voice can change someone’s life or make their day. A lot of times, we remain silent for a fear of sounding stupid or another fear stopping us. Jody has made a difference for me through sharing her voice and commenting. Jody – THANK YOU. You inspired me to continue making videos, beyond my original thirty days. Whom in your life can you share your voice with to empower them, acknowledge them, or cheer for them? See who in your life this weekend you can give a gift of appreciation, and when someone gives YOU the gift of appreciation, don’t reject it, receive it fully and savor it.

You can even start your “book of wins” that can light your way through the times of darkness. 

I hope you are staying safe and healthy and if you set your intention, feel free to then email me with “Wohoo I did it!!” Emails like these always make me happy. Share your wins with me anytime! I cheer for you!

With best wishes, 


Want to see the proof of my journey? My 1-Min video challenge here.

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