kungfu and productivity

What’s the connection between Kung Fu and Productivity?

Have you ever worked really really hard yet the results were not showing as much? Have you been so busy that you hardly had time for yourself or your family and still it seemed the pile of work was just getting bigger instead of smaller, the longer you worked?

In the video below, I’m sharing a metaphor that emerged through a coaching conversation with a client who was struggling with feeling overwhelmed and being busy but not achieving what was truly important to her.

My client’s passion and joy are in the practice of martial art and that’s where she found the strength and something that she now can connect deeply to and transfer the knowledge from one area she already mastered into a new area that she is developing.

The key word is the balance, just like a kung fu move needs a balance of muscles, strength and relaxation and understanding what the move requires, to look smooth and beautiful, so our business and personal lives need a balance of action and reflection time.

If you do too much of either one, the result will not be what you expect or wish for.

How is it for you? Are you great at balancing action and planning/visioning/reflecting?

Or, are you like myself that I am so eager to take action that I need to remind myself to slow down a lot, so I don’t get out of balance and don’t get stuck in the “busy trap”?

What works for you? What’s coming up when you imagine this metaphor? Any martial art enthusiasts here? 🙂

Any other lessons that martial arts can teach us about success in other areas of our business/life?

To your success,


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