Trending Phone App Periscope and its 5 Uses for Your Business

IMG_1337Periscope is a new trending application for smart phones, launched in March 2015, after this startup was purchased for reportedly $100 million by Twitter, Inc.

One hundred million dollars is a nice win for a startup! And, to us, phone users and business owners it is bringing the ability to stream live video to users that follow us or make it publicly available for anyone. Watchers have the ability to comment on your video while watching it.

How can you use it to grow your business or bring a new / valuable experience to your customers or clients?

There are a few uses to start with:

1. Live Q&A after a webinar or an interview with an expert. You can attract new followers and potential customers and also offer additional value to your current clients by allowing them to have input and ask questions live.

2. New Product / Service Live Demo.

3. Announcements of Limited Offers, Sales. Especially for younger customers, this might be more attractive way to find out about your specials or promotions.

4. Attract New Leads & Customers, increase your reach. There are some users that you can reach only via Facebook. Some like to listen to podcasts and connect with you and your business that way. There might be those who love live streaming. Test it in your target market and see if it works and what feedback you get!

To your Success,

Lucie Tesar


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