Top 5 Online Platforms to Connect to People

Internet is one of the human evolutionary-jump inventions. It enables people share and exchange information sometimes even in real time anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and a some device that can display what you need!

Not only you can have a community of “local’ friends, acquaintances or co-workers but also you can share and co-create projects or exchange recipes or any other information with a community of your choice online.

Below is a list of top 5 currently most popular platforms that might be called “Virtual Masterminds”.

1. Facebook Groups

FAcebook  Facebook Groups are formed around events, books, businesses,    weight loss, or anything that you can think of. You can co-create and comment on the topic of interest with your friends or anyone in the community. Very easy to connect. Mostly casual environment.

2. LinkedIn Groups

linkedin_logoLinkedIn Groups are compared to Facebook more formal and business oriented. You can post information, comment and connect to people in your industry or interest area. Just like on Facebook, if you don’t find the group you like, you can always start your own!

3. Twitter

twitter Twitter can be characterized as an online community as well, however, in contrast to Facebook and LinkedIn, it consists of much shorter contributions. Best for following certain social events, companies, and various topics of interest to see what’s new.

4. Instagram

Instagram_logoPlatform for sharing images. Very powerful tool to create or join a community of people who are very visual. This application gives a meaning to old saying that “Picture is worth a thousand words”.

5. YouTube

youtubeYouTube is a video-sharing website. People can comment, like, and share videos or upload their own. Today many businesses have their own YouTube Channel. Additional way to market your product/services and connect with your audience.

There is plenty of other application that people can connect with.,, or many private member-only access sites, that create their own subscription based communities.

Pick wisely which platform is the right fit for your company. Those 5 above are the currently most often used. More on how to pick the right online community platform in some other post.

To your Success!

Lucie Tesar





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