Top 4 PC Life (Time) Saving Shortcuts

All PC users, this posts is for you! Especially, if you are the type who likes to explore and create anywhere else but at the desk close to your laptop or computer.

Below is a list of top 10 life – time – saving PC shortcuts. They save time – and so they allow you to get “computer work’ done faster and have more time for being in the nature, paint, sing, or dance!

1. CTRL + C  (Copy) and CTRL + V (Paste)

Tctrlcshortcutshere is quite a few geek jokes about CTRL C and CTRL V around the internet. People use it even as a T-shirt idea for twins. It may seem omnipresent but still, I find clients who say wow, this is cool!

So, I’m having it as a first, most common shortcut on your computer. Just press CTRL key and C at the same time and whatever text or image you had highlighted, will be copied.

Now you are ready to use the other magical shortcut, CTRL V. Control V. It seems some Czech geek invented this shortcut because the first letter “V” corresponds to Czech word “Vlozit”, that is “paste” in English. Simply click anywhere in your document where you would like your copied text/image inserted and press CTRL and V at the same time and voila – you paste/insert the copied item. Done! No clicking with your mouse. Finger exercise!

2. CTRL + X shortcut (Cut, eXtract)

This shortcut is not so popular in regards to geek jokes. Maybe because once you take it out, you may lose it sometimes! It’s always better to copy first and then delete. Very popular shortcut though as well. Highlight in Word or Excel anything that you would like to cut from the document and insert somewhere else – press CTRL and X and the same time and the magical disappearance happens – you “take out” whatever you highlighted. Now, if you use shortcut CTRL V, you can paste the extracted (CTRL X) content anywhere you click. Test it!


CTRL ALT DEL seems to have more fun online. It’s quite a subject of numerous jokes, even philosophical thoughts. One of the key functions of CTRL ALT DEL is not only to initiate log – in into the system but also close down any system/program that seems is not responding to your loving or later possibly angry clicks on the screen. When nothing else works, and everything seems frozen, there is CTRL ALT DEL to come to the rescue! Click on “TASK MANAGER” and then click on the naughty application that froze on you and click “end task”. That will teach the application a lesson. It will give it a new life. Once you end whatever was going on before. Warning – your data in that application might be lost up to the last saved point. It’s is the “last resort’ kind of button combination. When patience ran out.

ctrl alt del

4. CTRL + Z = Back, i don’t want what happened! Return it to the original state! CTRL Z seems to have a powerful online presence as well. People wish they could use CTRL Z in life too. There is even jewelry about it! Oh well. Even though we cannot sometimes undo in real life what has happened, in the alternate computer reality, we just press CTRL and Z and as if our mis-step has never happened….


What shortcuts do you use most often? Share it with others!

To your Success!

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