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The Power of Intention

Intention is the vehicle that gets you where you want to be. 

Once you are clear about the intention, all your actions, and decisions will be taking you closer to your destination – be it in business or life. 

How do you pick your intention? There are a few steps that you can follow to help you create the most relevant intention for you. 

1) Get clear on WHAT you want/need the most. 

What is it that you want more of in your life?

Is it better relationships? Health? Financial security?  Or something else?

I clearly remember the intention I set for myself. I wanted to get into better physical shape. I wanted to feel fit, strong. 

Write down what kind of change you want or need in your business or life.

2) Get clear on HOW you need to BE, to achieve what you want. 

How do you need to show up for yourself, others? What kind of characteristics would you need to have, show, and embrace to reach your goal(s)?

When I was asking myself how I need to BE in order to get into a better physical shape, the word that came up to me was “ATHLETIC”. Whenever I imagined being “athletic”, I felt my body got more energized, and I also noticed my body posture changed (I stopped slouching).

What is the way of BEING that you need to embrace to create the change you want to see? Make sure the word you choose makes you FEEL good. Uplifts you. If it doesn’t, keep looking for another word that makes a difference in your energy when you think of it and imagine being that way.

3) IMPLEMENT your way of being in your daily activities and actions. 

Get clear on what would be different, visualize how it would look like if you were already the way you need to be

What kind of actions would you take? How often? With whom would you associate? What would you do differently from how you did things in the past?

In my selected example, each time I thought of myself as being “athletic”, I saw that I needed to do some strength training and cardio exercise daily. I found an app that guided me in both – (high-intensity interval training) and I committed to doing one training session a day plus go to the gym at least 3 times per week. I also got in touch with a friend who also wanted to get in shape – and we agreed to send each other “done” via text message once our daily exercise was completed.

Now it’s your turn.
Imagine that you already achieved your goal. (e.g. having more clients).
What kind of actions took you there? (Talking to more people, making offers).
What is different about the way you are now when you have more clients compared to before? (e.g., you are more DILIGENT, or PERSISTENT, compared to easily distracted and forgetful).
Now, imagine you are the new way of being (diligent, persistent), what exactly does it look like every day? (e.g. How many more calls do you make? How many more people do you talk every day? ) Make it as specific as possible.

4) Remind yourself often of how you want to be. 

Get clear on obstacles that can get in your way of being the way you desire and put a structure in place to remind you why you want this goal and what is the new way of being that you need to embrace.

For me being in better shape (the goal I desired), I chose the intention of being “athletic”. What could get in my way? Feeling tired and getting busy with work were my two major obstacles. 
What worked for me was not only having an accountability buddy but also scheduling my workouts in my calendar. Whenever I felt overwhelmed with work or tired – I was ready for those thoughts – and I asked myself – how would an athletic person handle it? How would they behave today? What would they incorporate into today? 
And I got my answer; when feeling tired, an athletic person would get more energy from exercise, and see it as an energy-boosting relief from the busy day. I remember myself walking to the gym, deciding to play some energetic song on my way there and taking on the feeling of being athletic!
I did feel a bit silly at times. Yet, it WORKED!

I got to exercise more often than I ever had before and had way more fun in the process. And as a result, I got into a better shape – which was my goal!

What are your goals and intention? If you want better relationships, how do you need to show up with others? Would you be more loving? Forgiving? Or respecting your boundaries?

If you want to grow your business, would you need to be courageous or determined? Unwavering? Strong? Curious?

Don’t procrastinate

If you are still reading these words – YOU ARE READY TO TAKE ACTION! If you haven’t done so, set an intention right NOW for yourself. Just test it out, and see if that’s the right one for you.

And, if you already set your intention or even have a first success story about it, let me and other readers know! Post a comment below or send me a note. Sharing your success and intention with the right people is another support structure for your success. Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to achieve your goals faster and with more ease. (Unless you really like the struggle – which I know a lot about – will share more about this some other time! :))

To your success,


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