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Learn Marketing for Startups – Courses in the South Bay!

Learn how to effectively promote your product or business and how to acquire and retain the huge customer base you need to be successful!
This class series is instructed by seasoned educators and experienced professionals who are respected in the business community. In this series of classes, you’ll learn through collaborative assignments and hands-on application, which will excel in your business.

Before you Advertise, Ask

Does your business need more customers? Would you like to advertise? Before you decide to put the ad in the newspaper or throw money on Facebook ads, stop and ask yourself. Do you know who your customer is? Who is your current customer and who is your IDEAL customer? Knowing who your perfect customer is,[…]

5 ways that WEBINARS can help grow your business

“What the heck is a webinar?”, someone might ask a few years back. Nowadays, almost everyone, who knows that a mouse is not only the small rodent but also an electronic device, has heard of, or attended “a webinar’. Webinar, or a “web-based seminar”, is a wonderful tool of sharing a valuable content with your[…]

Entrepreneurs Creating Bridges Between Worlds – What’s Your Bridge?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are in a way creators. They see, what’s missing or needed, and go and create it, or put together a team of people who help them make the vision happen. Be it literally a bridge between two places, or an invention, making things possible that haven’t been before. There are[…]