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thinking small consult to success

How to Think Small to Your Compound Success

Everyone has heard about “think and dream big”. Let’s review how both thinking big and small can take you to your success. Think small anytime you get overwhelmed. Read to find out more details.

lessons learned from my dad

Valuable life and business lessons learned from my dad

There are two biggest lessons that I learned from my dad that I believe made me the person who I am today and shaped the way I look at business and life. I didn’t know that one of them I could learn only after my dad’s passing. Some call it a peak life experience, some[…]

Marketing Strategy

4 Easy Branding Steps to Attract More Customers and Make More Money

“At this age, when millennials are a bigger and bigger part of the buyers base, your business is as strong as your brand.” Karlos Copara, branding consultant Do you want to know how to attract more customers and make more money at this age of internet? How to stand out and resonate with you audience[…]

Entrepreneurs Creating Bridges Between Worlds – What’s Your Bridge?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are in a way creators. They see, what’s missing or needed, and go and create it, or put together a team of people who help them make the vision happen. Be it literally a bridge between two places, or an invention, making things possible that haven’t been before. There are[…]