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QuickBooks & Business Coaching Package

If you don’t know your numbers – personal or business income and expense, whom you owe, how much and when, you can get into some serious trouble or face unpleasant consequences in the form of growing debt on your credit cards, increased stress during tax season or anytime you need to pay your bills, or, the anxious feeling whenever you think of money.

If you are someone who is afraid to look at your bank account and when I ask you how much money there is, you even don’t want to know as you have the uncomfortable unpleasant anxious feeling any time you think of it… There is light at the end of the tunnel!

If you scramble in March/April every year trying to collect and add up your receipts to find out how much you can deduct from your tax, there is a relief possible and you can drop that stress of last minute desperation from the upcoming “necessary evil” aka tax filing.

The more people I talk to, the more I see that this challenge is pretty common. Regardless of the income level, age or education, I see lots of people being stuck in the vicious cycle of trying to catch up with their finances, or feeling that things are spinning out of control at times (especially during tax season).

If you are a small business owner or a startup that doesn’t have lots of cash lying around to hire a professional bookkeeper, there is a solution for you that can make your life so much easier and release lots of stress.

Even if you are ready to hire a bookkeeper for your business – I strongly encourage you to understand your finances first. Know what profit and loss statement is, what a balance sheet is, what cash flow is. If you never heard of those, it might be scary at the beginning and maybe even reading those words makes your eyes glaze over. But hang on — splash some cold water on your face to stay awake – because what I am going to say is VERY IMPORTANT – without having a solid financial foundation and healthy money habits – no matter how much you make, most probably your business will not grow as much as it could, your income will not be as much as it could be and ultimately your comfort level and quality of your life will not be at the level you are capable of.

Without knowing your numbers, and managing your finances properly, you are missing out on fulfilling your true potential – in your business and life. The more money you have – the more of a positive impact you can have – in your life, or in lives or business of others.

Even if you are ready to hire a bookkeeper – in order to properly train them, and check if they are doing a good job – you need to understand yourself how things work first. Without it, you risk you hire someone who will not record things correctly and then trouble, trouble, IRS audit could make you crumble!

Are you ready to take control of your finances? And learn one of the basic money habits – to check regularly your finances and understand your numbers?

If you are, read about the new service that I have launched. For a limited time, the pricing is very affordable, aiming at startups. Read on.

If you are not ready, please check in within yourself what are you loosing by not taking care of your financial health. What are the most probable consequences of you not learning how to manage your money better?

My program is just one of many. If my program is not a match, please go and search online and find something that is a fit for you. Take action in the direction of improving your financial health. Don’t procrastinate any longer – take care of your money and your future.

You are worth it.

You can reach your goals.

You don’t need to figure it out alone.

Below are details of my current offer (March-April 2019). If you have any questions, please email me.

3 months of business coaching and customized training for easy financial software management, including:

  • Setting up income and expense accounts relevant to your business
  • Setting up products / services
  • Teaching you how to invoice & receive a payment
  • Teaching you how to enter bills / checks
  • Teaching you how to connect QuickBooks to your bank/s so you can easily download transactions by one click of a button and how to allocate into correct categories – mostly by another click of a button (to replace downloading into excel, manually categorizing, summing up, etc.)
  • Teaching you how to run basic QuickBooks reports – profit and loss, balance sheet, etc.
  • 3 Business Coaching Sessions – Based on the numbers – what kind of business decisions do you need to make in order to get the results you want or need?

Month 1

Setup Call

  • Walk you through QuickBooks, connect your bank account and set up first accounts. Estimated time: 60 mins (it may take longer – regardless how long, it is a part of this package, without additional charge)
  • Setting up your financial goal you would like to work on within 3 months. 

Up to 90 Mins follow up call

  • Double checking your transactions, showing you your first reports – Profit & Loss (how much money you made, spent and get to keep)
  • First business coaching – how to understand the numbers and what you can do to save time and make more money. 
  • Unlimited email support (response within 24 hours) – QuickBooks Plus Subscription – included free

Month 2

Up to 90 Mins follow up call

  • Double checking your transactions, working on your budget – based on previous month and estimated income/ expense 
  • Second business coaching session – looking at your numbers and determining whether you are on the right track and what / if needs to change in order for you to hit your desired financial goal 
  • Unlimited email support (response within 24 hours) – QuickBooks Plus Subscription – included free

Month 3

Up to 90 Mins follow up call

  • Double checking your transactions, reflecting if your budget was met – based on previous month and estimated income/ expense, create a forecast for next month, and also look into how much money needs to be allocated towards estimated tax payment.
  • Do your first bank reconciliation
  • Learn about how QuickBooks can help you save time and money
  • Last business coaching session in this package – based on 3 months data, what are you learning? Strategies to make more money and which activities are those that bring you most money for your time and energy investment. 
  • Unlimited email support (response within 24 hours) – QuickBooks Plus Subscription – included free
QB Package - Develop your money skills

Total investment: $600

Payment options: 

Monthly payment: $200

One time payment: $550 

QuickBooks subscription is included in this package, after end of this package, you are eligible for maintaining subscription through my agency for a wholesale price for $10/month.

(Regular price for QuickBooks Plus subscription is $60/month. Compare pricing if you would like to subscribe on your own – which is always an option if you choose – hereThis offer time limited – only 4 spots left!