Mastermind – How to Attract and Connect with the Right Group for You

Mastermind is becoming the new buzz word for a lot of people. Through internet, people can connect to anyone in the world. However, with increasing numbers of mastermind groups, there is an increasing need for identifying the one that is right for you.

Mastermind is simply a group of people who have similar goals or interests. Be it group for entrepreneurs who would like to support each other in growing their business or weight loss support group. Purpose of mastermind group is to give the members support from the community that they would as individuals would not have. Sharing resources, ideas, tips, and helping each other grow personally or/and professionally.

If you have a goal or desire but nobody that you know around you seem to understand or support you in reaching whatever goal you have, consider joining your mastermind group.

Which mastermind to join

Which group to join? In order for you to attract and connect with the community that is the right fit for you, you need to get clear first on what exactly you are looking for, what your goals and expectations are.

Below is a list of questions that can help you determine which groups would be the right fit.

1. What are you passionate about and want support of your new community in? Is it fitness? Getting your business to the next level? Travel to new destinations on regular basis? What else?

2. What are your goals? What would you like to get out of the group and what do you have to offer to the other members? Brainstorming together? New ideas? Increase revenues due to mutual support and brainstorming how to grow your business? By when would you like to see the results? Be clear on creating “check-points” for yourself to reflect after you join a certain group to see what value it gives you and

3. How much time or money are you willing and/or able to invest? Some mastermind groups charge a membership fee. Take it as a business networking group, only with a more defined purpose. Some groups are free of charge, or donation base only. What is your budget? Also, how much time would you like to spend with your group? How often? What is your time commitment you are willing to take on?

4. Who are the people you would like to meet, be in a community with? What are their beliefs? What are your non-negotiables? Do you care what age are those people? What kind of job they have? Do they own their own business? Are they of any specific religious or spiritual belief? Where do they live? What do they do for fun? What characteristics matter most to you about people in the community that you would like them to have? How do you want to feel around them?

5. Online versus offline – Would you like to meet physically with members of your mastermind group or being a part of online group is perfect for you? Or you would prefer a mixture of both? Or only meeting in your area?

If you answered all the questions above, you should have a pretty clear idea which group is right fit for you. Have fun, and explore! You may request that you join a few groups as a guest first to see if the group that you picked feels right. And if you cannot find the right fit for you, you can always start your own group!

More about starting your own group in some other post during ‘Mastermind Monday”.

To Your Success,

Lucie Tesar


01 Relevant books or applications

On google books or you can enter into a search keyword “business networking” or “building relationships” and see what seems interesting to you. From the searches, for example, a 5 star review had the book below.

Also, check out for any meetup/networking groups in your neighborhood. for any facebook groups or for any online groups. Any local chambers of commerce are a good resource to check out as well.

Have you connected to the right group? Did it meet your expectations? Let me know!










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