Knowledge is not power. Applying knowledge is.

Are you an entrepreneur who keeps studying, going to different courses, signing up for online groups, meetups, but… the knowledge that you learn is not transferring into increased profits in your business?

You might have the Knowledge Overload Syndrome.

It might feel great to learn. To go to those inspiring events. To put another book, webinar or video watched under our belt. However, if you ARE NOT APPLYING what you learn in your business, it is just like a fast food. You get something out of it, but in long term, it is NOT as good and beneficial for you. It may feel good while you do it, but what are the real results for your business?

Imagine that road to increased profits through learning looks and feels like a funnel, where knowledge is coming in, and applied knowledge is coming out. If you are not applying what you learn and creating improved service or products for your customers, you are in trouble! Your funnel is blocked and so is your road to increased profits.

The power is in applied knowledge, as are increased profits. What is the one thing that you learned this week that you can apply to your life or business? What is the action that you take based on the new knowledge you got?

















To your success!!


01 Relevant books or applications







I suggest before you read any new book, think of how can you keep yourself accountable to apply your knowledge. Is it teaching it someone else? Making videos about it? Blog post? Or joining a mastermind group that can keep you accountable? Hiring a business coach? Getting someone from your circle of entrepreneurial friends to keep you and them accountable for applying the knowledge? Don’t become a knowledge junkie but become a top level result producer! 😉 

If you are in Los Angeles area, you are welcome to join our Mastermind group for Business Startups, or check out meetups in your area.

Let me know if you find any other way how to make sure you apply what you have learned!



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