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Is Coaching for Messed Up People?

“Wow, they are so messed up. These two people could use your coaching!” It is a sentence I have heard multiple times since I started introducing myself as a “coach.”

Coaching has recently become a profession that is growing in popularity; however, since it is still a relatively new profession, not everyone is sure about what exactly it is and who should use it, as the example above shows. 

So, is coaching for “messed up” people? 

First of all, it depends on what “messed up” means. 

Coaching would even never use the term “messed up” when relating to people. If a person suffers from intense psychological pain or mental illness, a psychiatrist or psychologist is the professional to seek first. 

Coaching has its roots in psychology, yet it is very different from therapy.

How is coaching different from therapy? 

Therapy is a tool that psychiatrists or therapists use to heal patients and look mostly into the past and causes of pain or dysfunction.

focus on therapy

A coaching process is a tool used by coaches to guide and support clients in setting and achieving their personal or professional goals. It is an action-oriented (not just introspection) process and looks mostly into the present and future.

Coach’s job is not to diagnose a client – but to help them discover what could a fulfilling life look like for them and what kind of action they need to take to get to the next level. 

Therapy is about healing; coaching is about optimizing, improving, and creating something new. A coach can support you in deepening an existing relationship or preparing for the new one. Or guide you in growing a current business or starting a new one.  

Can someone working with a therapist benefit from working with a coach? Depends on your particular situation – but if you are committed to your growth and are generally a functioning person, working with a coach – in addition to or after working with a therapist might be an excellent fit for you to optimize your wellbeing and improve quality of your life. 

Who works with coaches?

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and generally people dealing with any transition are those who typically work with a coach. 

Regardless of their specific background, age, profession, coaching clients have one thing in common – they are intelligent, resourceful, and capable people who want to grow and develop personally or professionally with more ease and efficiency. 

This post hopefully gave you more clarity of what is the difference between a coach vs. therapist or psychologist/psychiatrist. Also, I hope this gave you an idea about who usually chooses to hire a coach. 

Keep your eyes open for future posts elaborating a little bit more on why people hire coaches and what kind of coach might be a good fit for you. 

If you already know that you are ready for coaching and are committed to your growth and creating new results, kudos! Any high performer has someone to keep them accountable and someone who helps them improve their game – inside and out!

(Think of professional athletes)

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Lucie Tesarova, BCC

Lucie Tesarova, BCC



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