Interview Series – Kristina Simpson: How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Wohoo! I’m so excited to present you with a new concept – interviews with Experts – who share either parts of their entrepreneurial journey so you can learn from it or / and their expertise. Either way, these videos are meant to support you in your entrepreneurial adventure and provide you with a form of a “map” of what different parts of that Entrepreneurial World look like!

Hope you enjoy it and that it brings you lots of value and make your business journey more efficient and faster.

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Kristina Simpson is two times best-selling author and founder of Success Without Stress. Kristina teaches high achieving women how to have it all, the American dream and a European lifestyle. In this Interview, she shares her startup journey and key strategies on becoming best-selling author, positioning yourself as an expert, and building her presence on social media. Kristina also shares her two favorite online business influencers you might want to work with if you’re interested in putting your business successfully online.

You can Succeed if you Follow your Passion and Focus on your Vision!

Kristina Simpson

Time Stamped Show Notes: 

End Time Topic
0.35 Lucie introduces Kristina Simpson and Success Without Stress
2.01 Why Kristina started her own company?
3.35 How did Kristina started her branding – and incorporated her passion and talent into creating her marketing campaigns
6.50 Tips for marketing on Facebook via posts and also post boosting. (Facebook – Ideally post 1-4 times a day for better visibility, boost your posts)
10.26 How Kristina became 2-time best-selling author
11.40 How Kristina found the opportunity to become a writer for a magazine (power of networking, even online)
12.50 Getting through her first interview & overcoming her fear
15.27 What is the next step in her journey of positioning herself as an expert. Periscope. Facebook live.
17.26 Overcoming fears – way to get to the next level
19.29 Advice to anyone who would like to become an expert – Find who inspires you, start following them. Look for magazine / ezine that is relevant to your business and find out how to become a contributor. Co-author a book, or write your own. Be STRATEGIC. 
20.30 2 recommended Influencers for business success – Eben Pagan and Brendon Burchard 
22.00 Advice for startups – You can succeed if you Follow your Passion and Focus on your Vision. 
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