Interview Series: Julie Scott and how she got her first client even without her website done.

“Things come your way as you are ready for them.” 

Julie Scott, founder of It’s about time, baby (formerly Blisfully Balanced Lives) 

Have you ever been afraid to speak to new prospects about your startup because you felt like “you are not established yet enough” and you “even don’t have your own website yet?

Listen to the interview with Julie Scott, founder of Blissfully Balanced Lives (rebranded as “It’s about time, baby“) and learn:

  • How Julie got her first paying client without even knowing the name of her business or having any online presence at all
  • How she balanced a full-time job and still managed to move forward in her startup business
  • What is the simple yet powerful tool that can bring you clarity about your startup and what it is that you really really want
  • And so much more!

Time Stamped Show Notes: 

Start Time / Topic

0:00 – 1:53 Lucie welcomes & introduces Julie Scott

1:54     What was the spark for Julie to start her own business.

4:00     What getting a coach / mentor did for Julie

5:40     How declaring what you want and saying out loud makes a difference.

7:20     It is possible to get your first client even without your website done! And, if you are on a budget, how to make your first website with minimal financial investment, even if you are not a computer guru.

9:20     Find your passion and build your business around it and how it makes a difference for yourself as well as for others.

10:33   Don’t talk yourself from going after your dreams and passions.

11:20   Look at people in your life that inspire you – and find out what their journey was and look how you can apply it to your life.

12:10   How even with limited time, you can still grow your startup.

12:31   Claim your dreams. You are worth it.

13:20   You have a full time job? Don’t let that stop you from starting your business. Julie shares her journey how she makes it happen.

15:09    Journaling – a life changing experience. If you feel stuck, journal.

18:15    The power of being clear about why and what you want in your life.

19:08    Power of dreaming big and focusing on what you really want

22:42    Power of visualization

26:00    Find you Awesomeness – Become the most awesome version of yourself as you can be.

28:06    Keep your balance in life, even when you start your business while having a full time job. Find out how Julie does it.

32:30   How you can contact Julie

35:30   Power of declaring and owning what you want in life.

38:11   What is the one thing that you can do this week to get unstuck and get ahead in your startup journey

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