Interview Series: How to Take Care of Yourself so you Can Take Care of Your Business and Optimize Your Creativity.

“Don’t give up. Everything starts with you. You can accomplish your dreams, just start with taking care of yourself first.”

Aaron Slotkin, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

AaronAaron Slotkin earned a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology, and a doctorate of Pharmacy and is currently very interested in optimizing brain health. Using a holistic approach of customized diet and lifestyle interventions, targeted supplements, and laboratory testing, he has been very successful helping clients achieve their optimal weight, health, and wellness.

In today’s video, Aaron shares his expertise in nutrition and holistic health and applies it to the challenges that many busy entrepreneurs and small business owners face.



Time Stamped Show Notes: 

Start Time / Topic

0:00 – 2:16      Lucie Introduces Aaron

2:17     Why holistic approach?

3:05      What is key challenge that entrepreneurs face in regards to self-care and health.

3:57     A tip on how to stick with eating healthy food.

4:52      Brain health – what our brain needs and how to give it to it in order to optimize our creativity. Constant, steady supply of glucose (3 healthy meals a day, possibly snacks in between). Appropriate amounts of carbs and fats.

6:36      Fan fact about brain and how much energy it takes!

7:38      How many hours is ideal between meals. Examples of healthy snacks and foods.

9:52      How to deal with being tired after lunch and with cravings

15.47    Do you wake up tired? What it means and how to wake up energized instead.

17:00   Does your lifestyle support your health?

21:00   If you have one hour available – Do you go EXERCISE or SLEEP? What is better for our body?

23:00   What can give you a boost of energy in the evening when you still need to perform but feel tired.

24:09   Cravings – what is causing them and how to fight them.

29:00   Advice to entrepreneurs & Gift for you – Watch the video for a secret code to get 50% off your first nutrition consultation! Once you get a code, click here to contact Aaron. 


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