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October 25, 2018

Business Book Club

Knowledge is Power…

I’m sure you have heard the phrase that “Knowledge is Power”. Maybe you didn’t know that the first recording of this conviction dates back to end of the 16th century, to Sir Francis Bacon.

Sir Francis Bacon.jpg

Sir Francis Bacon as you may know was the main spark for the “Age of Enlightenment”.

Since the 16th century, our society has changed tremendously. Especially the amount of information, and “knowledge” available.

The knowledge is no longer considered as rare (and so giving you a cutting edge if you have it) as before. In today’s world, application is power.

Application is Power…

Have you ever purchased a course that promised you the “golden information”? Yet you found yourself not watching the videos, not reading the emails, not doing the work… and not seeing any changes in your life or business as a result?

Join our business book club to experience where the true power and transformation lies – in APPLICATION.

  • Stay Focused
  • Be Supported in Your Journey
    • Accountability
    • Masterminding
    • Worksheets to help you shed a light on areas that you can apply the knowledge to
    • Share wins, AHA’s, challenges
  • Grow through learning & application
  • Feel accomplished by finishing each chapter and applying at least one little thing to improve your life or business

We will be “working through while having fun” multiple well-known or even less known business books.

Have support and accountability of a community and a facilitator Lucie Tesarova who has years of business coaching experience and also loves to read and apply the knowledge!

You don’t need to do it alone. Join us in the professional development and lets grow together.

Sample of the books that we will be going through are below. If you have any suggestions on any book that would be wonderful to be covering, please let me know!