5 Areas to Schedule in your Planner to Live a Balanced Life

Do you run a successful business but you are stressed out and so busy you hardly see your family or friends? Do you drink gallons of coffee just to stay awake and focused? Do you feel your business is all that you have got and you pushed away all hobbies so far from your life you even cannot remember what it was that you just did for fun?

Some examples may be extreme, but I am sure you get the point. The question is not only how to have a successful business but how to have a successful life. And, there are many signs telling us that a successful life is life that is balanced. Not only you do for living what you love and your expertise is adding value to other people’s lives but also you take time to nurture your health (eat healthy, exercise), your relationships (friends, family, community), your finances, living environment and have some play as well as quiet time no matter what your age is!

So how to do that? Follow the steps below. And remember, in order to keep your life balanced and yourself healthy, happy and fulfilled, the process is ongoing. And as important as brushing teeth. Sometimes we are lazy to do it but we know that without it we can suffer or pay for some dental work in the future… So, in order to keep teeth healthy, we need to brush, rinse at night before going to sleep and repeat in the morning, day after day.

Just like you schedule your clients in your business, schedule time for yourself. You are your own most valuable asset. There are some planners that can guide you to clarify your goals, values and priorities. Search online or go to your local bookstore to check which would be best for you to use. Or download an app on your phone!

Before you schedule your week/month, ask yourself – what is the action that I need to take in order to improve or nurture:

  1. My relationships this week? (family, friends, community – any birthday to celebrate, any thank you note, reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a very long time?)
  2. My health? (How often and how long to exercise? Schedule a walk with a friend? 10 minutes exercise every day? Meal plan? Dentist appointment? Are you taking time to rest and get enough sleep?)
  3. My finances? (Prepare for tax return? Any sales tax payable? Estimated Tax payable? Any bills to pay? Money to deposit? What is your financial goal for this year? Month? How can you grow your assets?)
  4. Your environment? (Do you need to go through your closet or old paperwork to get rid of clutter? Does your car cry for a car wash? Does anything in your home/environment need your attention/getting fixed/replaced?)
  5. My personal growth? (In this information age, we never stop learning. Did you schedule some time for yourself to reflect not only on your business but also on your life as a whole? Do you feel you have balance in your life? Is there anything that your heart is calling for? What is it? Can you break it down to specific action steps that you can take to get closer to answering your heart’s calling? Do you go to pray? Meditate? Take a walk by the beach or in your local park? What about your hobbies? What relaxes or inspires you? How can you schedule it into your day/week/year?)

If you are feeling overwhelmed and even don’t know what area you can squeeze to your busy business schedule, take a piece of paper and write down all areas of your life that are important to you. For each of them, based on level of fulfillment or satisfaction with that area of your life, allocate a number. 0 for no satisfaction/fulfillment (this area sucks, hardly get time to do anything), 10 for totally satisfied/fulfilled (I’m all good there, all is well there! :)) Check out which area calls for your attention first – the one with the lowest number, and start with scheduling at least one activity, no matter how small or short into your week that will help you grow satisfaction in that area.


Life balance

Life balance

Let me know how it goes or if you have other tools you use to create balance in your life.

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