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3 Simple Strategies for Parents on How to Get Work Done in a Quarantine

Are you at home because of the coronavirus yet you still have a business to run and your children don’t leave you alone? You love them, but it’s hard to get work done with them around?

Watch this interview with Dan LeFave, entrepreneur, father of 3 sons that are home-schooled and the Shortcut to Success Coach to share his tips on how he gets work done from home and maintains a loving relationship with his family at the same time.

Show notes:

  • [2:40] Setting Expectations & Defining Roles
  • [6:46] Hypnagogic Stage (Children under 6/7 years)
  • [8:18] Working with Pre-Teen, Early Teens
  • [8:50] Rules around Electronics
  • [9:40] Setting Timers
  • [12:00] Leading by Example & Communication with Children
  • [14:00] When-Then Rule (Additional Resource below)
  • [14:50] Taking Breaks when Homeschooling
  • [15:30] Scheduling your Day – Around Parent or Child? (Time Frames, Strategic Planning)
  • [19:30] Rituals to Mark the “Uninterrupted Time”
  • [21:05] Setting Standards and Boundaries with pre-teens & teens [22:50] Family Meetings
  • [23:13] Gratitude & Affirmations with Children
  • [28:20] How to Present #Gratitude & Affirmations to #Teens
  • [31:00] Exercise while Homeschooling
  • [36:00] Power of Hugs (Jack Canfield)
  • [37:57] Breathing Techniques – Wim Hof
  • [40:00] Take Care of Yourself First
  • [41:30] Power of Habits
  • [43:30] Emotional Cycle of Change, Dealing with Fears, Considerations, Obstacles
  • [45:15] Creating Systems for Self-Care
  • [46:35] How to Best Connect with Dan & additional resources [50:40] Consistency Matters
  • [53:00] There is Hope!
  • [54:30] Remember Brain Foods
  • [55:40] Last but not Least – Vision for the Future Show Related


  • Time Management Resource by Dan LeFave:
  • When – Then Strategy Additional Resource:…
  • Recommended Dr. Shefali’s book: The Awakened Family
  • Affirmations recommended by Dan LeFave:
  • 1. I cherish the extra time I get to spend with my family and I am excited about creating more happy, unforgettable memories.
  • 2. I focus on opportunities over obstacles.
  • 3. I was created to blossom in my natural gifts and talents.
  • 4. I love my body for all the things it is able to do.
  • Wim Hof Method (Breathing)…
  • Jack Canfield on the Importance of Hugs: ———————————-

A bit more about Dan LeFave

Dan LeFave is the “No Excuse” Shortcut to Success Coach and mindset engineer. Since 2012, he has helped entrepreneurs cut the time it takes to succeed and reach their goals in half and boost their productivity.

He’s been featured in national publications including Business Magazine and Success Profiles Magazine, and interviewed on radio shows and podcasts from New York to the UK. LeFave



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